About Punk This Studios

Punk This Studios is an independent entertainment development and production company that is dedicated to infecting various forms of media with punk ideologies. Our goal is to create innovative and entertaining Intellectual Properties (IPs), like tabletop and digital games, which are metaphorically stuffed mouthful with punk rock love vomit. We are passionate about our work, and aim to challenge the entertainment status quo through our products without sacrificing its fun, quality, or creativity. Punk This Studios was founded in October of 2014, by Juste Jonny, and is based in the state of Massachusetts.

At Punk This Studios we love to work hard, fight hard, and party hard. We encourage each other to express themselves through whatever content that they produce, in order to enhance our experiences through contextual exposure. Currently, we are hard at work developing two major projects:

WarBonds: Battle For Vitoria

Project Survive

Our Corporate Mission

Our mission is to create exciting IPs that innovate within their respective medium, enlighten the consumer with alternative perspectives, and cast an artistic light wherever and whenever liberty and justice is violated.

Corporate Philosophy

Punk This Studios strongly believes that political education is critically important to any nation's survival as a self-governed society. We will always aim for objectivity when presenting divisive subject matter. However, sometimes we will need to flex our artistic freedom of expression, and take a hard stance. If this occurs we will be respectful of all differing opinions, and avoid vilification.

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