Punk This Studios Website Launches

by Juste JonnyPTS Dev Blogger - 01/03/2017Published Date

After weeks of keyboard bashing, excessive belching, and heavy slam-dancing, Punk This Studios website has launched! Built using the innovative next-gen power of BrutalForceText technology, Punk This Studios is able to take full advantage of anti-dynamic content loading for radical speed, blistering response times, and mega-low power consumption.

"We are proud of our partnership with Punk This Studios, which demonstrates to the Paz people what BrutalForceText technology can deliver in a society which demands the very best in mega-low power consumption." said some spokeswoman while suspiciously sipping her recycled black coffee. "We have another 42 years before reaching Sirius, why not spend some of that time on the Punk This Studios website."

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