Building A Killer Garage Band Soundtrack

by Juste JonnyPTS Dev Blogger - 06/11/2018Published Date

Punk This Studios Garage Music

As indicated in our Projects page, we are hard at work on Project Survive; a Science Fiction and Punk themed 2D turn-based strategy and tactical roguelike survival video game. One of the key components for any video game is a well implemented killer soundtrack. For Project Survive we not only want to feature excellent underground music, but we also want to highlight and feature each of the bands that created it.

If you have an awesome band, or know of one, which would love to be featured in our upcoming game(s), then send us an email at:

We'll make it super easy to contact us; just copy&paste the below email template, and fill in the missing details. If we like what we hear, then we'll be sure to follow up with a discussion. Don't worry, we won't use any submitted music or content without proper permission.

Email Template

Subject = Punk This Studios Garage Music

Hello Punk This Studios,

My name is YOUR NAME, and I would like to present BAND NAME for joining Punk This Studios Garage Music. Below is a link to a sample song from BAND NAME, titled SONG NAME:


Additionally you can learn more about BAND NAME by accessing their band web page linked below:


If you are interested in a follow up discussion, you can contact BAND MEMBER CONTACT NAME via email at BAND MEMBER EMAIL.

Thanks for your time and consideration,

Preferred Music Genres

We would love to shine a spotlight on the many excellent underground bands that exist. We want to provide players an opportunity to experience quality new music that they could fall in love with, like we have.

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