Boston FIG Fest and other 2019 conventions

by Juste JonnyPTS Dev Blogger - 09/22/2019Published Date

We had a fantastic time at BostonFIG Fest 2019 presenting the latest incarnation of Battle For Vitoria. The game is nearing the completion of the alpha release. The standard version of the game is in an excellent spot. At the BostonFIG Fest Tabletop Showcase event we focused on play demos for the beginner version of the game. We received a lot of positive feedback and excitement from players that took the time to speak with us. Thank you!

We'll be making an appearance at the Rochester Game Festival on October 5th, 2019. More details are available here. We will also be at Pax Unplugged in December. So here will be plenty of opportunities to meet and chat with us. We would be more than happy to demo & play some games as well.

Battle For Vitoria is a hardcore fantasy war game where your decisions can influence the Loyalty of your units. Without loyalty, your units are likely to retreat from the battle map. There is no randomness; players must out-think their opponents to achieve one of many possible win conditions.

More details are available on the game's official website

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